Elandrial Games Mural: Final


On this fateful day, I finally finished the project. After a huge downward spiral with my mental and physical health I found my way back to the surface and was able to complete the task I had set myself back in 2020.

Kale had an idea about how to finish the cornucopia with a portal to space or a galaxy. At the end I had planned to finish up alone, I wasn't confident I could execute this idea and that stopped me from going ahead. I happened to have challenged myself by painting smoke on a separate project and it gave me the confidence to take what I learnt there and apply it here in an abstract way.

What I have learned from this project:

I work better in groups on large scale projects like these.

My mental and physical health will impact my projects no matter how hard I work and I cannot predict when it will take a turn.

I need to make smaller deadlines to work in a more compact time frame in order to accommodate for mental and physical barriers or hiccups.

Plan all details from the start because it will be easier to manage my health and the project as a whole.

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