Elandrial Games Mural: The Beginning

The beginning

My partner and I own a tabletop games shop in Albany WA. We were discussing ways to create a point of interest in the entry to our store and I had a grand idea to create a mural with a sort of mascot for EG. Shouldn't take me long .... I told myself.

I invited my sister Keira and another artist, Kale, to join me in getting things started. The three of us began laying down the groundwork and we were off to a great start.


The Elandrial Games dragon protecting it's hoard of board games, card games, dice, treasure and the bones of a player who lost a game with the dragon for a laugh. I wanted to have a few points of interest around the dragon. A giant D20, the bones of the player, the hoard of games and loot and the dragon itself.

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