Elandrial Games Mural: Progress


We met once a week, often at first but soon sickness and mental health took the usual toll on me and sometimes the others. Before we knew it we were struggling to meet regularly to get this project finished, mostly due to my inability through sickness and mental health struggles.

Keira dropped out about a quarter of the way through due to mental and physical health concerns. Kale stuck it out through my missed days and inability almost until the last session.

While this bumpy road slowed us down, we were still able to make good progress on the days we made it to a painting session. In fact we got so close to finishing it at one point that I thought we would be done every time we met to paint! haha. I have since learnt more about how long it actually takes to finalise a large scale design like this alongside mental health struggles.

At this point it was time to step back and see what changes needed to be made. We added more loot, hoard and details and I believe it was Keira who came up with the idea of adding a cornucopia to the far left side of the design because there was a bit of negative space to fill there. I had left a few places on purpose so that we could add them as we went, giving the three of us a little creative license to keep things interesting.

And then I was unwell for about 12 months...

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