Logo/Mascot revision

Human Suit

When I originally drew this I had a certain level of skill, since then my ability to draw hands, human form, faces, bones and space designs has grown and so I decided it was time to revise the design.

This figure means a lot to me, the purple woman is a self portrait, an abstract projection of my inner existence and an obsession apparently. Sometimes when I draw her she comes unplanned and I step back to realise what I have been painting was her again.

If you know me well enough you will have heard me speak about my 'Human suit' how I feel like I have to put it on to exist in this world. I have always felt apart, different, alien from my peers and that feeling has followed me into adulthood.

I am in the process of learning to function without my human suit, it has served me well but it's time for me to free myself from the safety of the suit and start living as my truest self. There have been many realisations, bumps in the road and confusing moments in the last few years and I am so fascinated by it all, I am finding myself in every way that I can.

Who am I without the suit?

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