Our Yarning and Library For All

I Am Proud:

(I am Proud is the name of the book shown here)

About a year ago, I started illustrating children's books for a company called Library for All. After I had completed 2 books, I was offered an artist in residency and given the task of illustrating 7 books!

I can't tell you how much I have loved every minute of the work. Bringing life to the stories of Indigenous Australians and the writers at LFA, including one by my own sister, has bought me more joy than any artistic endeavour I have been a part of.

LFA have been amazing in their understanding of my chronic illness, they have accommodated me at every turn and I have worked my hardest to keep up the pace and get our stories complete.

The app is called 'Our Yarning' and it is free to use, available on android and apple. You can learn more about LFA and see all of the books I worked on here: https://libraryforall.org/our-yarning/

From LFA website: " Our goal is to reach 95,000 Aboriginal children over the next five years, and to engage 550 Aboriginal adults writing and illustrating the collection, through workshops across 50 communities. By empowering communities through education, the next generation can break the cycle of disadvantage."

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