Art my way - Create, Breathe, Heal

Self Portrait

My Dream

As a creator with chronic illness, I wanted somewhere to exhibit my work and build my portfolio without the pressure to perform or deadlines closing in.

So, I created this page as a way to permanently display my artworks and as a place to send prospective clients and art enthusiasts.

Thank you for visiting my safe space where I gather and share all that I create. Please enjoy exploring my various artworks and musings while I continue to develop this space into something wonderful.

About the artist

Kara Matters/Riker - Artist/Designer/Illustrator

I am a queer/trans Noongar artist in Perth Western Australia. I have extensive experience in acrylic painting, digital art, illustration, and design. My skills have been honed through professional employment and personal desire to create art that is emotive, has meaning and demonstrates a reflection of lived experiences.

My first art lesson was with my mother, who passed down her knowledge as an artist to me when I was small. This later lead to a passion in developing creative outlets to help with mental health, explore ways to express feelings, and demonstrate new ways of thinking on my journey to better health and well-being.

I use my creative energy to heal myself and share the knowledge learnt through development of my artwork. My skill sets have grown from visual art to digital art through to illustration of children’s books, providing me with opportunity for professional development in illustration, commissioned works, character design and alternative logo designs while exploring new ways for creating art.

Inspiration comes to me from the Earth, the Ocean, and what connects us emotionally to country and soul.